In Memory

In memory of Mr. Calvin EscoIn loving memory of Mr. Calvin Esco.

Oct 18, 2013 - The Esco family would like to announce the passing of father & husband, Calvin Esco, a co-founder of C&M.  We appreciate all the love & support from family, friends, employees & church family.

Doug EscoIn loving memory of Mr. Doug Esco.

The Esco family would like to acknowledge the passing of their son, and co-founder, Doug Esco who died from a brain tumor in 1989. Unconditional love and support, from our family and friends, church and community has been an everlasting testament of faith. Our many thanks of gratitude go out to each one of you.

Our Company Logo

The companies C&M logo is derived from the first names of founding members Calvin and Mary Lee Esco and has been a brand and trademark of the company since 1989.



C&M Electrical Contractors, Comer, Ga.

Company Profile

C & M Electrical Contractors Inc., of Comer, Ga. is located in northeast Georgia, just outside of Athens. We are a locally owned and family operated industrial and commercial electrical contracting company founded in 1989 by Calvin Esco, and his sons Doug and Ric Esco. Upon initial success, C&M established itself as an on-site, full-service, electrical and commercial industrial contracting company launching proactive electrical contracting services to the Athens, Georgia communities and surrounding areas. After came great success furthering business partnerships throughout the United States, as well as Mexico. Our growth and production increased steadily and in 2001 expanded C&M Electrical Contractors by introducing a full service Industrial Mechanical Company at the existing Madison County on-site warehouse. Our reputation and partnerships have been top rated in the industrial sectors of Athens, Georgia's communities and by 2008 the company once again was ready for additional growth. This time offering various types of commercial piping system solutions to it's clients in the industrial sectors.

Our team consists of approximately 20 - 30 employees, including administration, office staff, and fully trained and licensed service technicians, master electricians, and certified welding experts. Overall, C&M Electrical Contractors Inc. has delivered more than two decades of proven reliability to Athens, and professional services to Northeast Georgia and continues its success throughout the United States and Mexico. C&M has proven through reputation of product goods and services, and customer satisfaction to be a leader in North Georgia's industrial sector, and leading voice in Madison's County - MADICO industrial park. Give us a call, we would love to be on your team of professional contractors!




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